Zephyr Wilcox, III

That’s me, Zephyr.  I know, right?  Too good looking for a show like this.  But I like helping people and working for the Professor gives me the opportunity to do that.  I have to do most of the physical work.  I mix the potions, fill the bottles, carry the cases, hide the supplies from the local authorities, and set up the show.  And for that, the Professor pays me well.  At least, he says he’ll pay me well some day.  I’m still hopeful.

Lavinia Warren

This is Lavinia.  She’s the other reason I stay.  I really like her.  And she has a pet name for me.  She calls me “big dope.”  I found out “dope” means “good,” so she must really like me.  Plus she’s an interesting girl to have around.  She can do amazing things like eat fire and read minds.  She does this one trick where she’s all tied up with rope but somehow she escapes.  She says it’s more useful than I can imagine.

Professor Nicodemus styles

This is Professor Styles, our boss.  He’s a genius.  I know, because he keeps telling us all the time.  He’s always inventing wonderful elixirs that he says will help mankind.  Then he sells them to people and leaves town in a hurry.  I think that’s because he’s anxious to find more people to help.  Anyway, if it wasn’t for him I don’t know where I’d be right now.  Probably working a real job for decent pay.