First off, since this is our first blog post, I guess its only fitting for us to introduce ourselves. We are the Miracle Elixir Sideshow, a rough and tumble crew comprised of Professor Nicodemus Styles, Zephyr Wilcox III, and Lavinia Warren. Each of us bring a number of different talents to the table making for a fun and eclectic show unlike most sideshows that you usually see. 

You see most sideshows are dark and edgy, and that's perfectly fine and great, truly it is. But we come at this sideshow thing from a COMPLETELY different angle. Humor! That's right you heard it. We LOVE being funny and family friendly. We are definitely the sideshow that you can bring your kids to without being scared that you've now scarred them for life. We are the sideshow that you would see at a Renaissance Festival or Fundraising Event. 

In fact, we got our start at a Renaissance Festival, well, by start I mean that's where we all met. From there we all performed with some other close friends as part of the Much Ado Players, a local performance troupe, and Lavinia and Zephyr even started their own Princess and Superhero party company. The point is that we've definitely have come a long way. This brings me to the whole reason I've wanted to get this blog post up. We have come so far that we were named one of the Best of the 'Burgh by Pittsburgh Magazine this July. How freaking exciting is that!!!! We were so honored!! So this is the year of us! Our goal is keep moving up and getting our name out there as much as possible. So tell your company, your community event organizers, your fundraising committees, your friends, your relatives, TELL EVERYONE that you want to see us performing at their next event. Heck at YOUR next event. We are great and fun and amazing! Just ask Pittsburgh Magazine, or the folks from The Greater Latrobe Banana Split Festival, or the people from Steampunk Unlimited, or the organizers of Doo Dah Days, or ... well you get the drift.